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Mise en scène | Paper Room
Karima Klasen and Michael Koch
Curated by Denise Parizek

ArtHalle (part of Galeria Tipografia)

The project was intended as an installation in the former ODD space, which functioned at the threshold of private and public, thanks to its residency program. The Paper Room would be a new way of interacting with the space.
In the new location, the installation is the result of a powerful meeting between an Austrian and a German artist and the wild city of Bucharest. During their brief stay, the 2 collected posters from the city walls and brought them to the industrial space of the Tipografia Gallery, where they pasted them in a new configuration. The visitors can thus read them as a diary of both the city and the artists’ wanderings through it.
On the opening day, Klasen and Koch will be available to discuss their own experience of this cultural clash:

The project is a partnership with Schleifmuhlgasse 12-14, Vienna, and made possible with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum, the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen ifa and the Artists’ Union in Romania (UAP).