Pascale Project
Opening act: Fierbințeanu
23.5.2015   21.00


Pascale Mercier (22), aka Pascale Project of Montreal is on a European tour including France, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. Mercier recently launched Super Natural from the Just Feel Good For a Moment album, which will be released this summer.

Fierbințeanu, the charming duo of Gabriela and Cristian, will open the evening with tracks from Massive Exposure and will premiere their latest video.

Pascale Project
pop/lounge/house/electronic jazz ­(Canada) ­

experimental­ pop duo



Fierbinteanu-1 Fierbinteanu-2 Fierbinteanu-3 Fierbinteanu-4 Fierbinteanu-5 Fierbinteanu-6 Fierbinteanu-7 Fierbinteanu-8 Fierbinteanu-9 Fierbinteanu-10 Fierbinteanu-11 Fierbinteanu-12 Fierbinteanu-13 Fierbinteanu-14 Fierbinteanu-16 Fierbinteanu-18 Fierbinteanu-20 Fierbinteanu-21 Fierbinteanu-22 Fierbinteanu-24 Fierbinteanu-25 Fierbinteanu-27 Fierbinteanu-29 Fierbinteanu-34 Fierbinteanu-35 Fierbinteanu-36 Fierbinteanu-39 Fierbinteanu-40 Fierbinteanu-41 Fierbinteanu-42 Fierbinteanu-43 Pascale at ODD 01 Pascale at ODD 02 Pascale at ODD 03 Pascale at ODD 04 Pascale at ODD 06 Pascale at ODD 07 Pascale at ODD 08