Education between Modernist Walls

Between 21.10 – 1.11, Cristina Bogdan proposes an intervention as part of Elena Cologni’s residency at Impington College related to the 75th anniversary of the only British building by Gropius.

This activities are conducted by Elena Cologni and produced by Rockfluid. This is an umbrella project addressing the relation memory-place, outcome of a residency at Faculty of Experimental Psychology, Cambridge (ACE Grant, Escalator Live art and Visual Art, 2011-13).

In response to the architectural complex of the Impington Community College, which triggers both notions of experimental education and community practices, Cristina Bogdan develops an alternative reading of its physical and imaginary space. Using the simple technique of QR codes, she disseminates images throughout the building, which she invites visitors to discover by taking her guided tour.