ODD THEORY #3 _ Entombing Habit


14:00 – 17:00


First session of the work group initiated by Cristina Bogdan and Mihai Pecingine,
part of P R IV A T E L Y

Text: Nicola Masciandaro, Come Cosa Che Cada: Habit and Cataclysm, or, Exploding Plasticity


We want this to function as a prototype meeting, a session of affective hacking – an exercise in situating the dispositions of those present around and in front of the reading material. The premise of this exercise is that we cannot access a theoretical subject unless we get rid of our personal and social identities which we inhabit in order to roam the world. To work theoretically means to reconfigure the tools which link us to a certain milieu (in this case, our personalities), to move away from the everyday regime and to put forward a new one, together.

Nicola Masciandaro’s text is only the starting point towards the overarching theme of the private.

* Image source: Twitter.