Introspective #5 _ Micleușanu M. & A. Patatics
Gazelei 44


An odd combo happens on Friday night. Following What’s left? (final presentation of Indonesian residents at ODD), we dive into Introspective featuring Micleușanu M. & A. Patatics.

Micleușanu M. is a writer, musician and visual artist. He published short stories and novels (Organismecanisme, Kasa Poporului, Trepanoia) and developed leftfield musical projects such as: Pneumaton, Ermetic, Febre39. He is being involved in a wide range of artistic projects, from experimental music to poetry, photography & video art.
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A. Patatics is a visual artist with a diverse background, spanning from media, interactive or environmental video-installations to curatorial projects that are collaborative, multidisciplinary and performative. As he phrases it, ”I have always been motivated by technology – both ‘digital’ and ‘conventional’ – and by its quality of shaping the artistic approach. I believe that technology influences the artist by affecting the relationship with the ‘materiality’ of his works, the disseminating medium – where the public connects to the artistic ‘object’ – and his relationship with other creators, from different artistic fields, that were related to or involved in collaborative projects. My projects could be defined as experimental through the approach, and sometimes failure, but I don’t search „the experimental’ as a trend. From this point of view, I’m still ‘conceptual.”