We are super honoured to have German producer and female:pressure ambassador Antye Greie aka AGF play our next ODD NIGHT.

Antye (or Agee, as friends call her) grew up in East Berlin and witnessed first hand the fall of the Wall and the rise of techno culture. As a teen, she experienced the down break of the dictatorship and took Philosophy courses at Bauhaus Dessau questioning her marxist upbringing.

In the German macho white hetero techno scene of the early ’90s, men were banishing vocals from the club, insisting on not expressing emotion.
Antye, on the other hand, rebelled against the trend by incorporating spoken word and poetry within her rough, techno beats.

Twenty years and countless awards and collaborations later, she is still a badass sound amazon, fighting to get women the visibility they deserve, whether is with online platform female:pressure or by collaborating with controversial artists such as Afghan refugee Kubra Khademi.

Antye lives in an island in Northern Finland, records sounds in the woods, posts poems on her twitter and has recently started a work using sounds from the Bucharest protests last January.

Whether she conducts an experimental children’s choir, does a radio show for documenta or an intricate deconstructed AV post clubbing piece, her work always conveys great emotion.

You have absolutely no excuse not to attend this one.

AGF will pe performing at ODD on Wednesday, October 4th at 8 PM. Free admission because we love y’all.