KYOHEI ABE *live*  IKHONOKLASM *video art*

For the second ODD NIGHT of handpicked performers, we welcomed the precious to the ear Kyohei Abe, and his fellow jittering glare, ikhonoklasm. The relatively unknown pair of dudes don’t often feel the need to reveal their work for a big crowd, but we’ve managed to get them out of the shell for the first time in a long while.


Coming from Japan, he’s a self taught creator of unconventional postmodern distractions. His adventures in Bucharest’s jungle led him towards making music, so Kyohei started experimenting a few years back as part of the “BTS” project. Only a few had the chance to admire them for the (sometimes) funny-flinching artistic autonomy they exerted during their live acts. With little regard for the mass appeal, they managed to cross thresholds of genres creating sound pieces that comprise a fresh look over European music trends.

Raised by wolves and lynx in the lush, but freezing Carpathian forests, ikhonoklasm is currently located in Bucharest, where he is perfecting his eclectic clairvoyance sensibilities across the spheres of composition and visual arts. Hidden under the pseudonym, he often creates a vibrating continuum of images where different levels of time and space are entwined.