ODD NIGHT #20 _ City Dragon & Bed Dataries _ inana





In 2018, ODD NIGHTS goes bigger, as each listening session will introduce local and international projects that we found interesting. As always, we aim to encourage dialogue, so each audition will be followed by relaxed networking.

City Dragon is the solo project of Max Kaario. Improvised tropical collages of looped electro-acoustics mixing sax, percussion, voice and other toys. Erotically charged trance and gutter trash aesthetics. Recent releases on Ingrown Records and Attenuation Circuit.

Bed Dataries is the performance project of Jim Stickel, an American artist based in Paris, France. Experiments with various electronic effects including incorporating non-conventional “instruments” such as boiled eggs, electric drills and insects. The performances also include projected images using both video and Super 8 film formats.

Eloquently cleaved between microgenres and local landscapes & soundscapes, inana belongs to a topical, uninhibited and transgressive new wave of bedroom pop producers from Bucharest. His lo-fi, weird, half extravagant, half emo(tive) aesthetic connects the very concrete dots of a fabricated understream of nostalgia for a present that will never be.