ODD NIGHT #21 _ Jupiter Terminus _ Syntax





“We improvised, and the improvisation had its crisis: it was blocked.
We improvised and the unfolding of the improvisation bugged: we stayed there, and here is our music.
We improvise, and what is supposed to happen in the suspense of memory, the suspense of the project, the suspense of this against which relies the fluctuating duration of improvisation, the suspense in short, collapsed.
It collapsed and we settled in the debris of this collapse, we froze the state of things and we plunged into this position as we dive necessarily at a point on the surface of the water.
We stayed there. ”
(Jean-Luc Guionnet)

Jupiter Terminus is: Antonin Gerbal (drums), Jean-Luc Guionnet (viola saxophone) and Pierre-Antoine Badaroux (alto saxophone).


While studying medical psychology, Bardos Laurian was greatly influenced by the study of perception and the Gestalt theory which connected the spatial (geometric) form with the temporal form (sound), affirming the whole is prior to its parts.
He begins studying the synesthetic aspects of perception and becomes preoccupied with finding a multidimensional artistic language, straightforward and formally purged, focusing his efforts towards the study of the trans-visual, non-alphabetic languages, seeking methods of decoding-transcoding beyond the natural language.
In 2007, he starts working with sounds and records various computer signal errors, trying to articulate them in compositions based on sculptural algorithms while looking to create non-visible sculptures. This period will mark the transition towards electronic music.
At the same time, he is interested in studying the concept of accident and the philosophy behind controlled accidents, looking to accurately convey in his paintings, at the time (2002 – 2006), the spiritual and physical tension of the author when faced with the medium of expression.
In 2009, under the pseudonym Syntax, he begins a collaboration with Diana Dulgheru (Minim), studying the relationship between sound and image.