one year ODD

18.12.2015   20.00
Manasia Hub

21.00   Diana Miron + Bogdana Dima + Laurențiu Coțac (live)
22.30   Plurabelle (live)
00.00   Amber Amber (DJ set) + RMN (visuals)


Exactly 1 year ago, ODD landed on the Bucharest art scene.

With a sustained program of process-based artistic residencies and series of social gatherings, ODD became a provoking agent on the local scene, gathering around it a variable group of people interested in creating new contexts. After a it was hosted in a Bucharest downtown villa, ODD went nomadic. It has now been offered a new space, which needs a 1,000 restoration in order for it to be functional in 2016. This anniversary gig from our ODD NIGHTS series is a fundraising event where we reach out to all of you interested in investing in the ODD future.

It is a typical situation lately. Independent initiatives suffer from lack of funding and spaces – this is our public cry for support. As one of the few such spaces in Bucharest, ODD continues its programme in times of trouble and has plans for the years to come. So if you already took part in our projects, were touched by them, or simply believe you will, come give us a hand!

The line-up for the night features road partners over the past year: Diana Miron, Bogdana Dima & Laurențiu Coțac, Plurabelle and Amber Amber with VJ RMN.

We are happy to have traveled together with our many friends, and hope to see you all for this anniversary reunion.