two years ODD




No longer a cub, not yet a tiger. ODD turns 2 at the end of a year when it broke off its nomadic period and settled down in the old town. A year when it tried and tested many formats, worked with fresh local artists & curators, sparked the interest of young smart people and attempted to draw closer its followers. Still curious, eclectic and idiosyncratic, ODD isn’t your average grown-up.

Its 2 year anniversary is set in the romantic frame of the gallery, as Poetrip fill it with love and sound.

We are also making an important announcement regarding ODD NIGHTS. Our experimental music program was a smaller part of the schedule in 2016, despite a growing interest from the international music community and a clear vision for the future as a safe space for nurturing sound oddity. The space lacks a proper sound system and we are kicking off a crowdfunding campaign to acquire it.

Come share your thoughts and feelings with the team, as we plan ahead and offer our gifts for your incredible support.