ODD SPOT #1 _ Carmen Rasovszky


14.00 – 22.00

Discussion from 19.00 onward


Carmen Rasovsky (b. 1952), is a Romanian artist working both with film and costumes & set design. She has worked on numerous theatre projects and has exhibited her drawings & photographs, then her films, in local galleries since the 90s. Together with her partner, Gheorghe Rasovszky, she produced between 2002-2007 the experimental documentary about Romanian contemporary art a v a n g a r t, a r t a u t o r, a r t c o n t e x t for TVRCultural, with over 60 30-minute long episodes.

For her one-day presentation at ODD, Carmen will show a selection of her films in the gallery space turned cinema for the occasion. From 19.00 onward, she will be available to discuss her working process, her influences and her connections to the local & historical scene.