poza_spotODD SPOT #2 _ Emilia Persu


14.00 – 19.00

discussion from 19.00 onward




A BITE OF GLASS or, painting using a “model”, be it a physical or a mental one. Any material support leads to mental movement and then to it being reproduced in shapes and forms which create an image. This could be an autobiographical project meant to bring together the person and the character, or matter and line.

Emilia Persu works in the formal & expressionist tradition of painting, assigning meaning to the purely painterly process and developing modernist themes such as the figure-background relationship. She thinks of art as a journey in which one must go away from oneself, only to better find who they are. Art brings about disorder, but this in turn is source of novelty and creation.

The installation will be on show from 14.00 onward, and at 19.00 there will be a small reception where the artist will discuss her work with those present.