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Meat pies and videotapes
Simion Cernica vs. Adrian Schiop
14.6.2015   18.00


For our first of lazy Sunday afternoons, we invite artist Simion Cernica to screen a selection of his films and writer / former resident Adrian Schiop to do what he does best – cook.

Simion has an amazing range of extremely subtle video and film works, dealing with absurd and problematic issues from the Romanian post-communist society, as well as his Californian adopted home for almost 4 years now.

Adrian is well-known for his novels and short stories dealing with marginal characters in contemporary Romania. His latest novel,The Soldiers (Soldații), centers on a romantic affair between a journalist-anthropologist and 34 year-old former convict who spent most of his formative years in jail; it will be turned into a film in 2016.

Adrian was a resident at ODD for 3 months in 2015 with his project Single Man Looking, when we discovered his passion for cooking typical Romanian dishes. The arty-est ciorba in town will thus accompany some of the wittiest tapes around.