30.8.2015   19.00


This week’s QUIET ODD is organized by residents Abraham Krtizman and Angels Miralda. Films have been chosen that reflect on the subject of the residency. Looking at contemporary modes of myth making and creating the timeless through a contemporary lens, each film responds to different social codes, geopolitical changes, and cultural references.


ESGS-272, by Swiss artist Mathis Gasser (2015)

Uses a language from horror and science fiction films to produce a haunting visual stream. The film features modified dolls which interact with unknown devices or are committed to some elusive tasks in an unspecified territory.


Wrathful King Kong Core, by Chinese artist Lu Yang, music by Yao Dajuin (2011)

Lu Yang was selected to represent China in the 2015 Venice Biennale. The film uses the aesthetic of videogames to show and explore the items of ancient deities. A scientific computer voice is positioned alongside spiritual music.


Dogs, by Israeli artist Itay Marom (2015)

This film was shown for Marom’s postgraduate degree show from This film was shown for Marom’s postgraduate degree show from Hamidrasha, Beit Berl School of Art, Israel. It follows the trajectory of stray dogs around the West bank between Isreali and Palestinian territories. These stray dogs, unlike the people who live in the area, cross borders at will with their pack and see both sides of the wall.


Alligatoriver, by Israeli artist Gilad Ratman (2006)

Ratman was selected to represent Israel at the 2013 Venice Biennale. The film follows a river scene and the performance of a series of actions and rituals.


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