In 2015, our main interest lied in proposing a framework for international artists, curators, writers, theoreticians to develop a project that requires a longer period of research and the intervention of others. Guests benefited from guidance and sustained contact with local actors, with the aim of creating durable networks of knowledge and resistance.

We believe all such work is political.


Ariel Cusnir

22/10/2015 - 20/11/2015

Tranzit / Gazelei 44, Bucharest, Romania

Development of a large index of topics on the relationship between civilization and water on the one hand, and the importance of the alphanumeric system in the development of our culture, on the other.

What Weight

Giulia Damiani, Theodore Ereira Guyer

27/08/2015 - 01/10/2015 20:00

ALERT studio / Mircea Vulcănescu 2-4, Bucharest, Romania

What Weight will look at notions of lightness and heaviness to think differently about art and society. Free of preconceived histories, this subject allows for new intersectional thoughts. It forms a nomadic compendium of disciplines ranging from performance to printing techniques, psychological states, feminist research, philosophical enquiries and visual work among others.

Waters Overflowing, Mountains Collapsing, and the Crumbling of the World Pillars

Angels Miralda, Abraham Kritzman, Marlene Steyn

27/07/2015 - 07/09/2015

Dr. Felix 72A, Bucharest, Romania

There are still modern myths that serve the same functions as those of the ancients. They are stories that everybody knows and exist in a multitude of variations but with a central model from which only deviations exist.

C-Femina Subtetrix

Larisa Crunțeanu, Sonja Hornung

26/05/2015 - 30/06/2015

Dr. Felix 72A, Bucharest, Romania

The sites of Apaca and Tricodava, the largest clothing factories in the “Golden Age” of Communist-era Romania, continue to be the subject of various forms of speculation, both mythic and market-driven. Working with this double meaning of the term “speculation”, over a five-week period artists Larisa Crunțeanu and Sonja Hornung tease out their own speculations, documenting their process in the form of a visual diary.

Prologue to a fiction of a space that does not yet exist

Julie Béna, Marie-Michelle Deschamps, Beatrice Gibson, João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva, François Lancien Guilberteau , Alexandre Léger , Diego Marcon, Julien Tiberi, France Valliccioni, Adva Zakai, Barbara Sirieix

29/04/2015 - 31/05/2015

Dr. Felix 72A, Bucharest, Romania

Prologue to a fiction of a space that does not yet exist is an exhibition embedded in a fictional text written by the curator. The premise is the projection of an imaginary space, not necessarily bound by physical laws.

You Are Safe With Me

Xandra Popescu, Adrian Knuppertz

10/03/2015 - 26/03/2015

Dr. Felix 72A, Bucharest, Romania

Xandra Popescu and Adrian Knuppertz are initiating a visual dialogue with gentlemen who work as defense and security agents. This will result in a series of moving image portraits and perhaps, if you behave, a pin-up calendar.

Single Man Looking

Adrian Schiop

20/01/2015 - 10/04/2015

Dr. Felix 72A, Bucharest, Romania

What I want to do as writer in residence at ODD is to dig deeper into my schizoid identity as a member of the world of the Center, where I don’t feel I belong, and a wannabe denizen of Ferentari, where I can’t really fit in.

The Fall of Enthusiasm

Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield

25/12/2014 - 07/01/2015

Dr. Felix 72A, Bucharest, Romania

The pathology of enthusiasm, the aporia of democracy its chance and risk, the renewal of philosophical nationalism, the necessary failure of communism, wherefore being-in-common?, the gallery space as theatre hall of history – these are the sorts of things we can talk about.